How to Loose More Fat, Faster and Safer

Loose fat faster?

Take a moment to think back to the last time you tried to diet. Did you start off by
drastically limiting your intake of food, or maybe by reducing your intake of carbs or

Far too many people who decide to lose weight immediately start to make drastic
changes to their diet and lifestyle without thinking about the best possible, most
well-researched methods for weight loss.
For your best results, your weight loss process needs to be safe, effective, and even
fun and engaging to commit to.

The Problem With Most Weight Loss Programs

Maybe you thought about how hard this process of losing weight was going to be and
decided that you would try a weight loss program. The only issue that these
programs have is they are generally not specific to the person – in this case, you.
Yes, generally eating in moderation with nutritious foods can lead to weight loss ‒
but in some cases, it may only be a short-term fix to a long-term goal.
In order for you to make sustainable weight loss, your dietary needs should be
completely specific to you. The question then arises, how do we create a plan that is
specific to our lifestyle, body type, and specific goals?

Solving the Weight Loss Challenge

Fixing weight loss challenges isn’t always an easy feat. Maybe you struggle, not
because it is overly difficult, but because you haven’t planned or prepared enough for
the task ahead of you ‒ or perhaps your program isn’t built with your needs in mind.

For example, you could have a program that is built for high-fat, but your body isn’t
built well to handle these demands. After eating high-fat for a couple weeks, you may
see a slight reduction in total weight, but this process could plateau or worse, make
you ill.

Consider these essential things to lose weight effectively:

1. Your ethnicity. Your cultural background affects what is best for you to eat.
For example, chances are if you come from a Mediterranean background,
your body will best adapt to a diet that is plentiful in fish, grains, and fruit.
This is what your ancestors have eaten for generations.
Try out the foods that your parents and their parents would have eaten.
2. Your body type. There are three main body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, and
endomorph. Ensuring that you have a brief understanding of which body type
you fall into best will help you to eat the correct number of macronutrients.
For example, ectomorph body types have a much better usage rate for
carbohydrates, whereas endomorphs are much better at using fats.
Understanding which body type you fit into will help to eat the correct
foods, specific to your body.
3. Any exercise is better than no exercise. Many people get stuck when they start
to exercise. They think that what they’re doing could be wrong, harmful, or
even not enough to be effective, so they stop.
Instead, think about this from the idea that any exercise is better than
none. Instead of being hesitant to drop down into a set of pushups, just do
Keep your training simple. Start with 30 minutes of strength-related
exercises and finish with 30 minutes of cardio conditioning. Complete this
simple routine 3-4 times a week and watch as you start to lose weight
quickly and effectively. Most importantly, the weight stays off.
Ensure that you’re taking a smart approach to your diet and exercise plan. Do your
best to avoid generic programs or strange diet fads that are just as confusing as the
food they want you to eat.
Eat fresh food and consider where your parents came from. Eating food that is similar to the generations of food before them will be very easy for your body to handle.

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